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Secure, Digital Identity On the Blockchain

Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) Identity Solutions

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Identity and Security In Your Hands

Our Digital Certificates keep your sensitive information off the chain and secure, so the user and business have instant points of trust.

Digital Identity

Utilizing blockchain technology, Bridge Protocol assures safe and secure identity verification; for the user and the business. With simple API integration, businesses no longer need to rely on third-parties to verify their users.

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KYC Services

The Bridge Chrome Extension allows businesses to verify identity documents and their users. The marketplace allows for providers that offer related services. Competition drives competitive pricing, all while ensuring user data is never stored!

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Chrome Extension

Easy to read developer documentation allows for a straight-forward integration on the Bridge Network. Verify information like work history, social media presence and more with the Bridge Passport.

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A user can digitize their identity with the Bridge Passport; but that is only the beginning. Comprehensive compliance checks through trusted verifiers are creating a new standard in verification.

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