Stephen Hyduchak

Chief Executive Officer

Stephen is a finance grad and founder of successful companies like ProjectICO. After helping others manually launch their ICOs, Stephen saw the inefficiencies and knew that blockchain driven platforms needed a blockchain process for their token sales.

Andrew Hyduchak

Chief Technology Officer

Andrew has a Bachelor's of Engineering in Computer Engineering from Stevens Institute Of Technology, and is focused in industrial automation, process systems engineering and blockchain application development.

Thomas Lobker

Blockchain Engineer

For the past ten years, Thomas has been working on networking, server management, security and monitoring for various telecom operators. His drive has always been to make each platform highly efficient and redundant, while maintaining a high level of security. As one of the first City of Zion members, Thomas was also one of the winners of the NEO dApp Competition.

Alexander Guba

Chief Systems Architect

Alex brings with him an extensive background in systems architecture, security, and compliance in the healthcare and government spaces. He has a proven track record of building high performance engineering teams while bringing high-impact products and new technologies to market. He is an active member of City of Zion NEO development community, and an award-winning full-stack dApp developer.

Fritz Lehman

Chief Customer Officer

Fritz is the former Chief Customer Officer for SAS, a leader in the analytics market. The global role is to lead consulting, education, publications and technical support. He has a passion to provide all customers with an outstanding service experience. As a member on Bridge he hopes to build the same level of customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Justin Fiocca

Creative Director

Justin has led marketing and PR campaigns for clients like Elastos, Loci and others under ProjectICO. Justin has a keen ability to process complex blockchain systems and make it easily understandable to the community.

Matt Hyduchak

Marketing Director

Matt brings a combination of experience and skill to the team. With an early career in graphic design and advertising, he quickly honed his areas of expertise. After working in multiple facets of design, Matt spent time working in business operations. With these experiences and his passion for blockchain, he is able to offer unique solutions in the space.

Jesse Lama

Social Media Coordinator

Jesse has led social campaigns under ProjectICO. He possesses a strong professional ability to announce and discuss news within our organization. With this, Jesse specializes in customer relations and aims to serve the Bridge community.

Jérôme Heuzé

Senior Front-End Developer

Jérôme has built KYC mechanisms for ProjectICO and been a part of other security web platforms like LifeLock/Symantec and loves the challenge of new projects in data security.

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