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Complete Control
of Your Identity

The Bridge Extension allows users to easily send their NEO address along with the verified identity. If a business must verify age, that is all they see! This ensures businesses only get what they need to be compliant and nothing more.

The Bridge ID is reusable. No more sending your Passport to multiple exchanges and not knowing who is on the receiving end.

Verify once; own your digital identity.

Send your public address through the Bridge Passport and KYC is already done! Bridge Protocol is made for a global community; over 250 countries already supported!

Bridge Use Cases

In an ever-increasing digital world, our identities are more vulnerable than ever. We regularly disclose more information than is needed for services that we deem ‘free’. But these services have a very high cost. Bridge Protocol strives to reduce this cost, allowing businesses and consumers to rest easy that their data is secure.


Meeting verification standards in the strictest of jurisdictions, Bridge Protocol is creating a new way for businesses to remain compliant.

Token Sale

New concepts require new technology. Bridge Protocol is leading the forefront in compliance of new technologies. As regulation evolves, Bridge Protocol evolves with it.

Digital Identity

In a world where data theft is all too common, a better way of securing identities is required. Bridge Protocol is utilizing groundbreaking technology to solve this issue for businesses and consumers.


We are blockchain at our core; offering one to the first compliant identities tied to a public address. Enjoy use on your favorite DEX, simply by providing your verified address. Let the trading begin.

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